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1 definition by IONEGIAFUCK!

A collaborative term for Manufactured Beef. Meef is commonly served in school cafeterias and fast food restaurants. You are lucky if there is actually any real beef in your meef. The additives which make up the main bulk of ones meef are usually animal parts such as ears, tongues, feet etc. It is advisable to not think of the possible contents of your meef whilst consuming.
Kev(pickin wee white bits out of his burger): This fuckin burger stinks. Swear to God hi, there's wee fuckin hard bits and all in it. Fuckin stinkin..

Sherm: Aaaaaahhh! You got a meefburger. Manufactured beef hi. See all them wee bits you're pickin at, thats the eyes and probably a bit a hoof. Take your oil kev.
by IONEGIAFUCK! September 24, 2005