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George Carlin's list of 7 words that you cannot say on television!
Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, mother fucker, tits, fart, turd, and twat!
by INURA!!! April 13, 2009
Appearing in the video game Manhunt 2, is a sound that a mental inmate says at the beginning of the first level. You walk past his cell and he's crouching over in his underwear while he starts throwing his shit at you while he says this, "AGH, AGH!!! INURA!!!" The funniest fucking thing you can find in a video game, right there.
by INURA!!! March 30, 2009
Usually meant to mean bad man, but it's a good woman. How'd people get that mixed up?
Wow, what a cocksucker!!!
by INURA!!! April 13, 2009

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