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A derogatory insult coined by IMSA student Ajay Reddy. This insult was inspired by the random strings of curses of Mark Xue, the little brother of IMSA student Munan Xue.
DeSouza: Get outta here.
Ajay: U fuckin' cuntslut-ho.
by IMSA student April 07, 2004
a term overused by the father character, Mr. Khan, in the humorous movie, "east is east"
he is a paki and hates indians. he also uses bastard as a verb
Radio: And there were more firefights along the Kashmiri border last night.
Mr. Khan: Damn bastard Indians

Saj: (Mr. Khan's son, hiding under the bed because he doesn't want to go to the mosque.)
Mr. Khan: Stop bastarding around, you bastard!
by IMSA student April 07, 2004

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