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A word used to one up someone who calls you a douchebag.

John: Brad you are such a douchebag.. Haha

Instigator: ooooh.. man he clowned u... aren't u gonna get back at him?

Brad: Well john... yer.. Uhh... a... umm... A douche nozzle!

Instigator: Burn!!!

*John hangs his head in shame*
by IHateYouXoXo May 10, 2009
1. Short for "Hood Rat" which is a girl who has slept with several guys from her neighborhood

2. A furry little beady eyed rodent that carrys diseases and consumes shit to sustain itself. It has no purpose to most and should immediately be shot or lit on fire if spotted

3.) A staple of Indian cuisine

4.) A person who tells on someone who has commited a crime. See Narc

1.) Shonda slept with her neighbors Mike, Kyle, Ronny, Jason, Renzo and Lisa .. She's such a rat.


Guy 1: Dood! Check out that big ass rat sitting on the fence!

Guy 2: Yeah, we should totally shoot it!

Guy 1: Hell yeah! *cocks guns*

3.) This curry chicken is delicious! I never knew rat could taste so good!

4.) Guy 1: Johnny told the shrieff that Bob was selling crack now bob is locked up.

Guy 2: Johnny is such a rat.. Lets exterminate him like one..

Guy 1: Hell yeah! *cocks gun*
by IHateYouXoXo May 10, 2009
One of the greatest rappers EVER , second only to 2Pac. He's just himself and isn't a fake poseur like some rappers (I.e Game, Vanilla Ice, Rick Ross, Bow wow). His lyrical content is often violent and is stupid funny. He is the funniest rapper EVER. Marshall Mathers LP is one of the best CD's I've ever owned and still gets frequent spins despite it being nearly 10 years old. Too bad his new album sukx =(
Example 1:

Boy: Hey, babe have u heard "Kim" by Eminem?? It's sooo fucking funny.. Not only that but it really inspires and motivates me, u knw?

Girl: what? Inspires and motivates u how?? Its about him commiting homicide isn't it?

Boy: I just hope u never cheat..

Girl: ........

Boy: yeah...

Example 2:

Me: oh la la Eminem sure is one sexy dood..

My gay friend: I know....when I was 12 I would fantasize about him while I masturbated...

Me:.... :-/

My gay friend: I used to imagine him raping me..

Me: ........

My gay friend: All this dirty talk is turning me on. I think I'll go listen to his cd and rub one out

Me: o.O
by IHateYouXoXo May 09, 2009
1. A person from Puerto Rico or of Puerto Rican Descent Also known as "Boricua" and "Nuyorican". Puerto Ricans can be of Native Indian, Black or White heritage but are usually a combo of the latter two races or of all three. They are awesome people and have the best personalities and looks. They make the Spanish language sound so beautiful.. to hear a PR boy speak is like erotic music to my ears :) The men are usually ladies men and will cheat and play you but will use their charm and humor to persuade you to not care. Puerto Ricans are often envied by other Latins for being the most attractive and for their being able to leave their country and move to the states whenever they want without worry of being deported. Mexicans often pretend to be Puerto Rican or "Mixed" with Puerto Rican despite it being obvious to anyone with eyes that they are not. Puerto Ricans typically are very athletic and are bad asses that will will beat your ass if provoked soo my advice to you is not to fuck with them.
Example 1:

Me : omg Jay cheated on me then dumped me cause I woudn't put out and he says I'm boring =(

Friend: He's Puerto Rican and can bang any girl he wants. Why would he waste time and effort to try and get in your pants, Ms NoBooty?

Me: o.O

Friend: Can I have his number?

Example 2:

Friend: Damn dat guy over there is sexy!!

Me: Well, Duhh! He's Puerto Rican!!

Friend: Im gonna go talk to him!

Me: Bitch didn't u hear me?? I said he's Puerto Rican, which means he's too good 4 u ugly dumb ass you will get rejected!

Friend: :-o

Me: Stay in your own league is all I'm saying

Friend: Maybe you're right. I'll go talk up that Mexican selling oranges by the freeway

Me: That'a girl
by IHateYouXoXo May 09, 2009
An impoverished country known for its delicious albeit very unhealthy food and primitive savage like people
I went down to Cancun , Mexico for spring break... big mistake. I was robbed by the Mexican Cartel, there was no indoor plumbing and no matter where I went the air smelled like hot ass.
by IHateYouXoXo May 09, 2009

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