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the best motherfucking band regardless of what ignorant people have to say. they play alternative rock. lead singer chad kroeger has an amazing voice and is very talented when creating his songs for the band. recent album dark horse sold millions and Dark Horse Tour has been set in motion AGAIN because fans begged them to tour again. they have millions of fans all around the world. and if you listen to their lastest albums you'll see diversity in their music. their heartfelt songs are amazing and after listeming closely to some of the songs and their lyrics im sure you'll relate to some of the more mellow songs. Nickelback is fucking awesome! but of course you are entitled to your own opinion
If everyone cared- Nickelback
If today was your last day- Nickelback
Savin Me- Nickelback
Just to get high- Nickelback
Never gonna be alone- Nickelback
by IDGAF<3 Nickelback August 17, 2010

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