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3 definitions by ICP is the gayyest

The stage after masturbation one experiences in which the occasional spew of semen still takes place.
After Johnny shot his load, he was in After-beat.
by ICP is the gayyest November 21, 2009
A person, usually of Spanish heritage that has an affinity (almost a desire) to stick his/her penis into the tailpipe of trucks that have stacks, lift kits, and ridiculous amounts of horrible-colored paint. Also, loves to partake in dry-humping instead of actual sexual intercourse. Hates selfless, godless people of intellectual prowress.
We all know this type of Person, A Gallegos-Person.
by ICP is the gayyest November 21, 2009
When you urinate, after sexual intercourse or masturbation in which you have achieved ejaculation, Jiss is the chunky-ish white semen left over that gets shot out while said urination is taking place.
Guy#1: Dude this morning sex was great!

Guy#2: I know! Only, I had a large amount of Jiss shoot out, bounce of my toilet into my eye.
by ICP is the gayyest November 21, 2009