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Supporting the mass murder of innocent preborn children.

Supporting the exploitation of women by the abortion industry that uses the slogan "Pro-Woman" to advance their agenda and billion dollar a year political machine.
It means to ignore the thousands upon thousands of women who have been killed on the abortionist's table, and afterwards, by those who cared more about their money than about their well being.
Those who support abortion are only Pro-Choice when that choice is to have an abortion. When a woman decides not to have an abortion, those who are pro-choice give her the cold shoulder.
Pro-Choice only works when women want to have an abortion. If they do not want to have their preborn child killed, many times their boyfriends or husbands force them or even kill them for not killing the child that both conceived.
Pro-Choice men love legalized abortion, especially pro-choice politicians, because they know they can be irresponsible with their actions and just go to the nearest Planned Parenthood abortion facility, and the child they conceived will be butchered, and they can continue to have sex, knowing that the abortion industry will make sure that they never have to be responsible for their actions, by murdering the children that they helped conceive.
by IAmHeald4Life November 21, 2011

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