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Verb: To openly and intentionally move thru the world in pursuit of casual sexual contact and or sexual pleasure, usually with strangers, without regard for public conventions, mores and attitudes.

Adj: Being openly, publicly sleezy in behavior or attitude.

Where Sleazy is predatory, socially rude, verbally crude, and pejorative, "Sleezin" is overtly and positively playful, seductive sexy and consensual.
She went sleezin into Seattle like Lady Gaga in heat.

They went sleezin thru Portland leaving a significant portion of the population with wet underpants and a satisfied smile.

When they go sleezin there's a rise in the share price of condoms.
by IAM KNOT WHOIAM April 12, 2011
Adj: A small, tiny or inconsequential amount.

Verb: Activity of no usefulness.

Verb: A waste of time - causing one to be fooling about.
"I dont have time to waste on this foodling amount of anything."

"Don't waste my time with this foodling crap"

"I don't have time to be foodling about with all these cords."
Att. Douglas N, Adams - _The Salmon of Doubt_ .
by IAM KNOT WHOIAM April 12, 2011
Noun: An intimate food experience.

Verb: To eat and cuddle.

Verb: To eat food off some body playfully.

Noun: Food used as a marital aide.

Verb: The act of using food as a marital aide.

- Bart Simpson did in fact refer to his cartoon sex organ a "tump" - toon+bump
as his "doodle".
A cucumber, banana, daikon, eggplant, etc used as a phallus is a foodle.
Sorry Marge, we can't get into scrabble tonite; we are going to stay in, watch _Eat Pray Love_, and foodle.

Hey Hunny Bunny, I got a can of whip-cream, wanna foodle?

OMG she had a HUGE foodle under her pillow.
by IAM KNOT WHOIAM April 12, 2011

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