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A watered-down form of melodic death metal, due to it's lack of keyboard, less brutal vocals, and overall shorter songs. Listened to by scenester kids, along with deathcore, who are ignorant to it's superior predecessor which originated in Sweden.
I used to listen to metalcore bands like All That Remains, August Burns Red, and As I Lay Dying, but now I listen to bands like Children of Bodom, Dark Tranquillity, and Mors Principium Est.
by I.M. Nowen November 13, 2011
Deathcore is a genre of noise art created when a drummer plays to the monologues of throat cancer patient over the sounds of a pencil sharpener vibrating against the strings of an electric guitar. It is listened to by scenes kids along with metalcore, and some argue that deathcore is actually a subgenre of heavy metal. However, this cannot be true because heavy metal is a genre of music and deathcore does not technically constitute as music, for the only real instruments used is a set of drums and an electric guitar that is not actually played by a human being.
Bring Me The Horizon, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, all those deathcore bands suck!
by I.M. Nowen November 15, 2011

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