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choosing the one who must perform a select task by having each person in the group grab their ball sack and the last one who does it must perform a selected task. Usually said by the loser of a nose goes in order to have a second try at escaping the duty of performing the task.
Guy 1: some one turn on the damn TV.
Everybody: I'm not going to do it.
Guy 1: alright then.... nose goes! hahah you lose.
Guy 2: oh yeah?, I lose do I?... balls goes! hehe works every time!
by I.C. Big Weiner June 06, 2007
1.if you are playing some sort of video game or any sort of game, when you need to poop, instead of calling time-out you call a brown out.
2.pausing an activity to take a shit.
This video game is so fun. O, god here it comes into my lower bowels. i can't stand it any longer. I gotta go poo so badly!
"brown out!, gotta go take a poo"
by I.C. Big Weiner June 06, 2007

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