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A person of low educational quality and generally bad manners. Usually worse than the common thief due to the persistently aggressive and violating nature of their breed
I once had a pikey family move under me at a property that I owned. Unfortunately the flat below was a 'council dwelling' which speaks for it self really. Common problems that I had living in close proximity to these people where offensive Eminem music playing so loud that my windows rattled and my floor vibrated, the two dogs that they had were always barking or fighting in the communal courtyard, not to mention the countless amounts of dog crap that was left for me to step over on my way to work each morning. Another problem that I had was being verbally abused when leaving for work with such comments as 'WANKER!', 'BITCH!' and the old pikey favourite 'I'm gonna knock ya out ya prick!'. Typically these pikey people usually live with a certain type of female, usually of the same lower class standing as their own. My case was no exception. His partner in 'crime' was a council tenant, on the dole 'Basildon slag' which is quite typical for the area. With two young kids and a bad attitude she would scream at them 'Stop crying or I’ll fuckin knock ya out!' Upon leaving the property nearly two years after they arrived they left a trail of destruction including lots of rubbish, more than likely nicked ‘gear’, a sewer system totally blocked with dog crap and nappies, lots of graffiti scrawled on the communal area and a attempted burglary on my flat which caused £500 in damage. The list goes on and on.....

All I can say is that I can see why pikey’s are so hated in the normal everyday community. They totally lack class and social standing except amongst their own kind, which counts for very little in the 'real world'.

To be avoided at all costs!!
by I the undersigned January 15, 2006

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