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Any Pop music singer of today. These "singers" are only famous because of their marketable looks. All of their songs are about love or sex. Normally, pop singers don't write their own lyrics, or play their own instruments. They should not even be considered "artists"; they should be considered “performers”.
Justin Bieber is a Pop singer.
by I spend too much time here April 03, 2013
When one becomes brainwashed by Justin Bieber. It has happened to pretty much every Belieber. For more info, see Bieber Fever.
For more about the word "Bieberwashed", see Bieber Fever.
by I spend too much time here March 21, 2013
The opposite of Bieber Fever. It is mainly when one spends all day trying to search up any words involving Justin Bieber on Urban Dictionary, commenting bad things about him on his YouTube videos and on other websites, and similar stuff.
I think I have Bieber Hater Fever.
by I spend too much time here March 20, 2013
When one (normally a Twitard or Twihard) becomes extremely obsessed with Edward Cullen from Twilight.
Twitard: OMG I LUV EDWARD!!!111 HES SO HAWT!!11111

Me: Another victim of Edward Cullen Disease passes by...
by I spend too much time here April 06, 2013
A more suitable name for the (horrible) "book" Twilight, as it is nothing but pure trash. If you want to know exactly how horrible this "book" is, see Twilight.
Person: Hey, have you read the book Twilight? It's horrible.
Me: Oh, you mean Trashlight? It's the worst "book" ever printed.
by I spend too much time here April 14, 2013
One who says "YOLO" as if it is required by law to say it as an excuse for doing stupid things. It is called "yolodeling" because it is a play of words, made up of YOLO and yodeler.
Person 1: Hey, why did you dye your hair green?
Yolodeler: Because YOLO!

Person 2: Hey, why did you get your whole face pierced?
Yolodeler: Because YOLO!

Person 3: Hey, why did you tattoo your whole body?
Yolodeler: Because YOLO!

Me: Shut up, everyone knows that YOLO is just Carpe Diem for stupid people.
by I spend too much time here April 20, 2013
Everyone's reaction when they first hear Justin Bieber sing. Due to Urban Dictionary saying that the example must contain the defined word in it, it has to be misspelled, as it was in the 26th (as of now) definition of Justin Beiber.
Person when first listening to Justin Bieber: Hey, is this a girl? No, its Justin Beiber!
by I spend too much time here April 21, 2013

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