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True... some of the stuff said is very true... there aren't that many good looking girls and the ones that are "good looking" or considerd as such know it and take alot of advantage of it. HOWEVER, guys here at Case have no game. They complain about the "few girls that are good-looking" being stuck up and ignorant but they do not realize that those girls just act like that towards them and not towards all guys. I know guys here that get more (quality) ass than toilet seats and have a great time at this school. True I am writing this in a break between studying for 3 midterms but that doesn't mean that I will not have fun once those are done. We still party every weekend, we still go on spring break, we still get laid, and we make tons of money after school. If you choose to stay in, however, and look at porn on a friday night, or post these definitions complaining about how much this school sucks, instead of going out and having fun, then it is not going to change. This school has a motto: Create your own fun. If you know how to create fun then you will have an awesome time. If you know how to befriend yourself with people that can create fun then you will also have an awesome time. If you are lazy or boring, you will have a terrible time. It is just that simple. One bad thing about this school is the rumors that go around. That is one thing that still resembles high school, but i guess that makes sense since people that are "cool" at this school were not "cool" in high school, so they are still getting used to it.
Things that people did at this school:
2 chics at the same time, 3-some, 4-some, 4 girls making out, girls flashing for alcohol, 2 girls in the same night, more than ace level in a sorority, yay off a girl's ass, sex in the bathroom during a fraternity formal, sex on the bus ride home from formal... many more

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