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The fashion trend popularized by Drew Barrymore, Uggs are hideous boots for the ski set appropriated by gutter sluts too dumb to tie shoelaces. An Ugg slut tends to accessorize with yoga clothes when really, their idea of a downward dog is blowing the family pet.
"Jesus, that Ugg slut's feet must reek."
by I have an answer for everything October 17, 2004
Many species of monkeys are known for their shit flinging capabilities. Bitches can be anyone of offensive nature. Therefore the bitchmonkey is someone who throws their shit at you just to make you miserable. In the instance of the bitchmonkey the shit is metaphorical for problems, psychological issues, or in rare occasions, actual shit.
"That bitchmonkey ruined my birthday party by having a meltdown at the Chuck-E-Cheese in front of everyone."
by I have an answer for everything January 06, 2005
"Bots dots" are raised plastic reflective bubbles that are placed on the top and bottom of the white and yellow road stripes, named after the chemist who designed them and found mainly in California. Driving over them results in a thudding that keeps you in lane. Driving by Braille, or "Braille Driving" is when someone is so drunk they navigate by the sound and vibration alone - or worse, lean out the window and feel their way along the road to find their way.
"George Bush was so drunk when he was pulled over, he must have been driving by Braille with one hand on the wheel and one on the road."
by I have an answer for everything December 19, 2004
The deep hunger for food that will eventually kill you. Pizza, deep fried foods, jalepeno poppers, and more.
"Let's run down to Taco Bell and feed this crappetite."
by I have an answer for everything December 19, 2004
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