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A Hamallu (male) or Hamalla (female) is an obnoxious uneducated Maltese person generally from the South of Malta. These worthless specimen generally don't even finish secondary school because they believe they're too cool for school, but the truth is their IQ is too low to grasp anything that requires the use of the brain. Hence, realizing that it's virtually impossible to find a job with no education, they start picking up my trash and bagging my groceries.

Hamalli are very similar to the British "Chavs" and the American "White Trash" and "Guidos", in that they wear brand clothing, have greasy hair, and bother other people. The male hamalli generally drive a cheap hatchback car which they modify in order to make it look like a sports car (Just like the British Boy Racers and the American Ricers). The female hamalli generally look like prostitutes (some of them are actual hookers) with three layers of make-up, cheap revealing clothing, and greasy hair.

In general, it's extremely easy to spot hamalli, mainly from their clothing or their car. They usually live in the following towns/villages/cities in Malta:

- Hamrun
- Qormi
- Marsa
- The Three Cities
- Kalkara
- Marsascala
- Zabbar
- Zurrieq
- Valletta (Which is very unfortunate because it's the Capital city of Malta)
- Birkirkara

How to avoid Hamalli:

1) A lot of younger hamalli tend to catch public buses a lot, therefore, if you're here on holiday, it's best to catch a taxi if you can afford it, or better yet, rent a car.

2) Since Hamalli are of the working class, they can't afford to do anything remotely classy. Therefore, it's best to avoid cheap restaurants, bars and clubs. It's best to stick to the more poshy expensive places, where you're guaranteed not to ever meet an obnoxious hamallu.
"Hey check out that Hamallu picking up my trash!"

"Is that an aeroplane? No, it's the engine noise of that hamallu's modified Citroen!"
by I hate hamalli September 17, 2006

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