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A growing group of a highly unintelligent British underclass, as evidenced by the 2011 UK riots. Politically-correct people generally view the term as discriminatory or "socially racist".

Defined by:

* No work ethic.

* A bullying mentality.

* Drug use / addiction / small time dealing while pretending to be a big fish.

* Compulsory brand name sports attire with a specific colour scheme per season, combined with fools gold jewelery.

* Compulsive lying, eg: about the extent of a criminal background, infidelity, etc...

* Highly argumentative. Can literally start an argument with a lamp post if they feel it has disrespected them in the slightest way.

* Highly illiterate. Basic words are usually abbreviated beyond recognition, particularly in written form. Grunting noises and swearing usually substitute the rest.

* Being on state benefits / welfare for most, usually all of their lives.

* Domestic violence involving beaten female partners or children.

* Binge drinking with cheap alcohol, including weekdays.

* Criminal records being viewed as a diploma, as it increases their perceived "hardness" status, and decreases their chance of gaining employment.

* Using immigration as a scapegoat for their self-inflicted predicament.

* High likelihood of single parent status in post-adolescence life.

* Generally incapable of committed / stable relationships throughout their entire lives.

* An arrogant sense of entitlement.
Chav: 'Ere mate, yoooo starting bro? Chooo yooooo know who I am?! I'm a well known gangster and know where yoooo live.

Lampost: ...............................

Chav: *Headbutts*, *Punches* & *Kicks* lampost indefinitely.
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by I hate PC November 19, 2011
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