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4 definitions by I had nothing better to do but write this definition

better known as the "alternative homeless shelter"
there goes some bum in the 7-11 parking lot
1. our current jackass president

2. a vagina

3. a type of plant

4. style of black peoples hair when they grow it out

5. a kickass rock band
1. you voted for bush...what the FUCK is wrong with you?!?!

2. she stuck a tampon in her bush

3. there's a bush in my yard

4. yo dawg, can I borrow your pick?...I need to comb my bush

5. dude, I got us tickets to the bush concert
I'm just an asshole disorder, often confused with ADHD (attention deficet hyperactivite disorder)
teacher- (writes on board in some foreign language)

student- (wonders what the fuck this is)

teacher- now I want you to find "x" in this algebra problem

student- (walks up to board and points to the x)

teacher- what do you think your doing?

student- here it is, here's the x

teacher- (sighs) why do you do these things?...do you have ADHD or something

student- no I have IJAAHD

teacher- what's that?

student- I'm just an asshole disorder

(class bursts out laughing)
slang term for a fart
person 1- (farts)

person 2- what the FUCKS wrong with you

person 1- you never said we couldn't use biological weapons