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Fat People Energy Bars. As in those little cookie dough bars covered in choclate with enough calories to feed a third world country for a week.
Person 1: Ugh, I haven't eaten anything all day.

Person 2: Here, eat one of these FPEB's, it'll fill you right up.
by I am not a prep September 26, 2005
A special kind of group, more commonly observed in schools. As in the following of one special boy/girl, whom everyone thinks is hot. Can also mean your special group of friends.
God, he's so hot he has got his own little possue.


Our entire possue is going to the movies.
by I am not a prep September 26, 2005
The name to give if something gets traced back to you.
Thats not true? Don't yell at me, I heard it from Mr. Foaf
by I am not a prep October 11, 2005
Something unappatizing/stupid. Afterall, who wants a muffin made of ears?
You did WHAT?! God, your such an ear muffin.
by I am not a prep September 27, 2005
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