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A hot girl's ugly friend who has a chip on their shoulder about no one hitting on them, so they do everything in their power to stop their friend being nailed. also the friend might not want to leave them alone. female cock blockers can however be countered by "taking one for the team" this activity involves your friend drawing a short straw and having to go off with the cock blocker so that your path is clear
"damn, this bitch is cock blocking me at every turn, tim can you take one for the team?"
"I'll take down that cock blocker, now run free unhindered my freind, go deep!"
#cock #blocker #blocking #daffodil #stuff me rigid
by I aint leavin no name August 29, 2008
felt by some men who are not real men after doing something harsh to a girl this could be a donkey puch or maybe just ignoring her after doing whatever because you feel pussy regret but generally ignoring is the easiest way to not talk to a girl that you have no reason to talk to
"i feel like a prick about what i did to kelly"

"you gots a bad case of the pussy guilt my friend"
#pussy #guilt #harsh #nob #ignore
by I aint leavin no name August 29, 2008
generally a feeling of deep "what was i thinking?" pussy regret can mostly be felt after "taking one for the team"
pussy regret is the worst, i hate fat chicks
#pussy #regret #i #drank #too #much
by I aint leavin no name August 29, 2008
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