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The film or residue left behind on a surface and/or location frequented by groups of individuals that disregard personal hygiene. Hippie Drippings (A.K.A. Hippie Drippin's or Hip Drip) can most often be found at climbing gyms, CO-OP's, jam festivals, and non-profit shared bicycle seats. Proper and safe removal of Hippie Drippings involves soap, warm water and a non-abrasive wash cloth.
Had it not been for the excessive amount of Hippie Drippings, I would have been done cleaning the spots for restin' at the Climbing CO-OP an hour ago!
by I Need More to Do September 12, 2013
A resting location found at climbing gyms, CO-OP's, and Disc Golf Courses where individuals congregate to talk about why their four year degree in Modern European Philosophy from an accredited university hasn't contributed to them finding a job outside of the Fast Food Industry. Spots for Restin' can often be identified by the excessive amounts of Hippie Drippings.
The climbing gym across town has a pretty good bouldering wall but it really needs more spots for restin'.
by I Need More to Do September 12, 2013

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