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1 definition by I LOVE DAX

(aka Bernice Juach III, aka Madison Petrello, aka My Hero)
-The coolest person on YouTube!
DaxFlame is a video-blogging character on the popular site YouTube! who had one of his earlier video diary entries featured on the YouTube homepage.
Since then, 'Dax' has continued to entertain millions of people across the world with his unique storytelling and all-round quirkyness.

Some retards think DaxFlame is a real person and try to act tough by posting threatening or abbusive comments on his videos. i.e. "What a retard why would you do that, if I ever saw this kid i would smash him in the fuckin face..."

And some other retards think that they're geniuses for working out that DaxFlame is actually fictional.
i.e. "hi MADISON, hows baseball? lolz"
-"Hey dude, daxflame just posted a new video"
-"fuckin sweet, I can't wait till he makes a new motion picture!!"
by I LOVE DAX September 23, 2007