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this is a severe acute syndrome of the inner digestrive system. After prolonged exposure to gay germs the digestive sysemm starts to break down and slowly decompose leaving an oxton. oxton is a slow grandma like disease that is thought to be caused by swaallowing semen from that has been on a used condom or in a n arsehole. oxton is a GAY severe disesae.
OH my god i cant eat any more i must be oxtonating. when i shit intestines are coming out. OH JESUS CHRIST!
by I LOVE BOYS July 29, 2003
A griffen is a devastating facial disordeer causing the recipient to slowly deform and form a clitoris on the end of his or hers nose. Men are most inclined to get griffened from being raped as a young child by a sleezey priest or by another child with a lubed up stik. griffene is a slow process and is very painful inbdeed. when it spreads one cazn come all day long and end up with a coldicutt.
my nose was itchy nut when i scratched i nearly collapsed in xtzcy.
by I LOVE BOYS July 29, 2003

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