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The Agnes Irwin School, otherwise known as AIS or Irwin's to its students or others on The Main Line, is a great school for girls and is not what everyone makes it up to be. I know first-hand what Agnes Irwin is really like because I have been attending this school for 9 years. Irwin's is not filled with all of the "snobby, stuck-up, rich sluts" like others say. Although people with lots of money and luxuries attend, it does not make them stuck-up and there are still are a fair amount of students who attend Agnes Irwin on full paid scholarships. Other schools around Agnes Irwin include: The Haverford School, The Baldwin School, Episcopal Academy, and The Shipley School. Agnes Irwin really has a great group of girls.
Wow, those girls who attend The Agnes Irwin School are so cool! Not like any of that bullshit i read on UrbanDictionary.
by I Attend AIS January 29, 2008
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