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A new fad that has blown out of porportion. The people that you may see conforming to the outter appearences of others that usually consist of the same hair style and the same attire. Of course, most of them are left in the dark when it comes to the emo music in the '80s which is how emo started, but thats just because they are ignorant and only care about fitting in. Most of them claim to be depressed, that their life sucks, that they want to die, that they have TRIED to commit suicide, ect. Of course, as they probably took two tylenol and said that they tried to kill themselves with pills, they do not try to do it again! If you want to die, you wouldn't give up after the first try. Also, they are very self-centered and never even stop to realize that their lives are way better than many other people's, not to mention people's lives outside of America, which in most cases would be MUCH worse.

In short, an emo is a teenager that wants attention so they dress, act, and do everything the same as a group of people. They cut themselves, but JUST ENOUGH to leave a scar, so that people will be able to see they have a "horrible life". And the emo lifestyle is a plague to the minds of the children.

I think that, before I go home, and before my mom gives me a bunch of hugs and kisses, and my father gives me my allowance of $50, and I watch MTV to find new things to buy so I can be more like that one cool kid I see every day, I'm going to plan out how I'm going to tell my friends tomorrow that I cried tonight and tried to kill myself by slitting my wrist... First, I must give myself a small cut over my vein, OH, GOD, I HOPE THIS DOESN'T HURT! "OW, MOM, CAN I HAVE A BAND-AID?" Oh, and also, I should write a BS poem about the constant torture I went through as a child, and how everyone hates me, and how I hate myself.
by I Actually Think June 08, 2006

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