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The people I know just wear these bracelets as what they are...jewlery...with NO sexual meaning behind them at all! Infact, I don't think most of us at my school even knew that there was a sexual meaning to them until an article came out in the newspaper! The teachers started going psycho and banned them from the middle schools, and I guess they were banned at the high school too, but people still wear them. My friends and I just joke around about the sexual link to the bracelets, because we think it's funny as hell!
One of my friends had some grey jelly bracelets, and when her mom found out about the whole sex game behind them, she told her to take them off. My friend said no, and they fought over them and both her and her mom broke them off her wrist. Last I heard, grey meant fisting.
by I AM IRON (wo)MAN!!...Ozzy July 29, 2004

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