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Hacking.rs is a hacking forum using vBulletin based around the popular MMORPG game: Runescape. This site is full of little skids who think they are tough enough to crack the CIA. However, all they seem to do is steal Runescape currency and sell it for an in real life for a personal gain.

Their most popular feature is their Shoutbox. The shoutbox is full of new comers to the website screaming and spamming on how to hack RuneScape for infinite money and level hacks. And they dont take "It isnt possible" for an answer.

The current owner of Hacking.rs :Legend,who was previously only a moderator, bought the domain after leaving Hacking.rs to run another website, which didn't take off to well. Previous owners such as Jare, and Hawx: were disgusting owners, scamming and deceiving their members for high value giveaways. Jare tried to scam the website from co-owner (or so i am told): Hawx. However, he was unsuccessful. Apparently, Hawx then scammed many people who tried to buy the domain.

In a recent popularity thread (Unsure if this is actually 100% true or not) Some members were voted on a scale from best (Being #1) to worst (#10). This list is:


The forum is usually DDoS attacked by members using Jay's Booter (a free tool from a popular hacking website) who get banned. Hacking.rs competes along side sites such as BA, and WeHack.RS (LOL!)
Person 1: Bro, im gonna go on Hacking.RS and see if they will heck my RoonSkaypez account n givez me unlimit moniez if i give them $1 Paypal

Person 2: Get dem to heck myn account 2 m8 ill give u 250k rsgp

person 1: fuk u mudda fukka get dem 2 heck ur own account

Person 2: no cos Jare banned me cause i was a member of WeHack.rs

Person 1: too bad noob
by I <3 HRS August 17, 2012

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