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group of male grad students in philosophy or English who wear scruffy beards and shaggy haircuts, often accompanied by sportcoats with leather elbows and suitably ironic brimmed hats. Can usually be found sipping coffee or cheap beer, smoking hand-rolled cigarettes and name-dropping obscure authors and/or film directors. May also be in a hipster band, or just off collecting books, music and DVDs which nobody else cares about.
Here come the beardy club, on their way to the art-house cinema.
by I'mwithbeardy January 18, 2009
Another name for the Walt Disney Corporation.
Can't a girl get her princess fix without supporting the Princess Industrial Complex?
by I'mwithBeardy March 16, 2011
The palest color your skin can ever be. Normally corresponds to the color of your ass, boobs, and/or other body parts that never see the light of day. Widely understood to be a winter phenomenon; may be taken as a sure sign that it's time for spring to come and/or you need a damn vacation.
It's still January and I've already reached Absolute White. FML.
by I'mWithBeardy January 25, 2013
aka a hill.
I'm gonna go get some exercise on the organic stairmaster.

I climbed every organic stairmaster in Florida the other day.

The organic stairmaster sure tires out Fluffy.
by I'mwithBeardy April 09, 2010

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