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1. The omnipotent super power who exists in all things of creation who enjoys totally screwing up my life until I complain and call him a b@stard and will then give me the inspiration and genius to correct it.

2. Also the creater of a bunch of illiterate b@stards who: can't type, spell, proof read, think for themselves, read his words and figure out on there own what he means, need spoon-fed by other morons the simple(but often wrong) facts, refuse to blame him for the bad because of fear, just sit at a computer and b!tch, and are generally sacks of worthless $hit....

3. The only real thing that should be feared.
1. GOD!! What the fu<k is the deal, you di<k?!? Oh, I see... Nevermind the whole di<k thing...

2. If I were God, he wouldn't exist.

3. Uh, sorry about that di<k thing in the first example dude. I was just proving a point.
by I'mGoingToHellForThis August 14, 2003

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