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The largest city in Saskatchewan, with over 200 000 people living in it. There are some nice parts of the city, including the Bessborough and the University of Saskatchewan, but it is generally bleak, unexciting, and boring. Nothing ever really happens in Saskatoon, and nobody really cares.
The winter is the worst aspect of the city, as it lasts about 5 to 6 months on average, and temperatures can go down to -40˚C without the windchill. It is quite common for at least one day in the year for Saskatoon to be the coldest place on Earth. It has on occasion been colder than 70˚C with the windchill. The summers are nice, but far too short. Temperatures hover around 20-25˚C, and have been as high as 35˚C.
The west side of Saskatoon is a scary place to be, as crime is a common occurrence there. Unless one enjoys knife wounds, they should avoid it at all costs.
Saskatonian #1: "So the other day I was walking around on the west side, bored as hell, freezing my fucking ass off, when a guy stabs me with a knife for my lunch."

Saskatonian #2: "Really? The same thing happened to me the other day!"

Saskatonian #1: "Yeah, Saskatoon sucks. Lets move to the US"

Saskatonian #2: "OK"
by I'mFreezingMyAssOffOverHere March 28, 2009

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