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All you people spend too much time speculating on our town. We never asked for this reputation, we never thought Doylestown was anything special until people would come here and tell us. We are just normal kids, growing up in a normal town, it just so happens that we have more money than most. So get over it. Stop writting about and giving it more attention than it deserves. The press gives Doylestown enough attention as it is, you don't need to add to it. Just let it go, let us go on our rich, selfish, "new money", "uneducated mother" ways, as all you fuckin idiots like to think of us. You can insult us as much as you want. It doesn't matter, becuase when it comes down to it, you would live here if you could.
"Go write something about your own town"
"It's getting old."
"Kiki, take the 611 bypass it will make us look bad if you even come through our town."

by I'mDeep March 10, 2005
Doylestown, or D-town as the local trust fund babies like to call it is one of the best suburbs to grow up in. There is no crime, no poverty, and no concern for anyone else. We live the life of a movie. Just ask anyone that comes to the town. What is normal for us seems like something out of a movie set for other people. The kids spend their days trying to buy beer, liquir or pot for the night, while their parents are hard at work keeping their overprivlaged ass in the lifestyle they are used to. During the summer you won't find many kids in doylestown becuase most of the time we are at our beach houses or vacationing somewhere your ghetto ass will never get to go. So when you drive through Doylestown, try to drive fast, becuase we don't want you in our town complaining about the kids driving more expensive cars than most adults, and drooling over the houses. Actually better yet just take the 611 bypass, it will make us look bad if you are in our town. Thanx
You'd live here if you could
by I'mDeep March 08, 2005

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