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It is a compound word made of nerd and fox. So it’s like, a foxy nerd, or a hot geek, or a sexy dweeb. Except, mainstream sexy is really boring, we are talking unconventional beauty. Foxy like freckles, gapped teeth, love handles, hair that sticks up funny in the back, slim pretty fingers on a boy, or tough broad shoulders on a girl. Or singing off pitch. It’s like, kids who don’t quite fit in, who have obsessions and hobbies that normal people don’t quite understand. And obsessions and hobbies are hot. And being smart is really hot. Glasses and sweatervests are hot too.
"Dara did you see Jordan in class today? He was wearing that sweater vest I love so much,his thick black glasses and talking non-stop about fibonacci spirals; he is such a nerdfox, god he gets me hot."
by I'm.not.your.mom March 07, 2007

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