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Another word for perfection. He sings great, and don't say shit like "Oh well he sounds like a little girl." Go on YouTube and search "Justin's voice from 2009-2011" (you'll change your mind). He is NOT gay. He has a fucking girlfriend so there's no possible way he CAN be gay. He can't sing for his live? Last time I checked, he has 20+ awards, a book, a movie, over 10million fans etc. He started drumming when he was 2 years old without any lessons and he's great at it. Next time you decide to talk shit about him, do a little research first.
Retard hating on his success: OMG Justin Bieber sucks balls. He's sooooooooo gay!

Me: Stfu bitchface! If he was gay he wouldn't have a fucking girlfriend!

Retard hating on his success: He has no talent.

Me: Have you seen how many awards he has gotten dipshit?!

Retard hating on his success: *has a blank expression and walks away because they don't have anything to say and they know they are wrong*

Me: You better walk away bitch!
by I'm.Smart.....I.Think June 02, 2011
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