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1 definition by I'm not that type of girl!!

Over achievers. Originating from Iran and only Iran. Generally associated with wealth. Highly intelligent, disproportionately affluent and educated as a percentage of all ethnicities including Caucasian. Disproportionately residing in the most desirable and affluent regions in the U.S and Canada. Although Beverly hills consists of over 1/4 Persians, West Vancouver in Canada, with an average house price of 2.6 million consists of over 28% Persians. Encountering jealousy and envy on a daily basis.
Those rich asshole Persians bought the mansion next door. I saw some rich asshole Persian kid driving a Phantom down the street the other day. A 27 year old Persian physicist was awarded full proffesorship at Harvard,MIT,Oxford,UOFT,Stanford ect ect.

( Check the facts they don't lie)
by I'm not that type of girl!! May 23, 2009