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A nerd or loser who attended priory school in Lewes England, typically hanging out on the tennis courts playing football.
Ha look at that goon goonball goons who's up for a spot of goonball?
by I'm not Sam Knight November 24, 2008
A sport popular with one particular year group at priory school in lewes. Whereby a group of goung lads steal the football belonging to some goons and run, keeping hold of it for as long as possible.

note: the term goon is loosely applied and could refer to goons, year 10s, year 9s, or anyone with a football. The game can also be ended by kicking the football into ham lane.
We really merked those goons in that game of goonball goon goons earlier! STEVE would have been rightly proud of us.
by I'm not Sam Knight November 24, 2008

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