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In the same vein of the incredibly influential Rick Roll. The Phil Roll is the art of making someone click onto a link of Phil Collins' song; 'Wear My Hat'. Quite possibly the shittest song known to humanity. Similarly to the noble Rick Roll, this is done so as to illicit confusion and or anger from the recently duped party. Extra Points can be earned if you manage to:
A) Get them to watch the entire video.
B) Incite anger
C) Simulataneously achieve multiple targets
D) Somehow manage to get them to watch it again (eg by posting the same video under a different link).
Chaslie: Oh so here's the link to that video i was talking about. you know the frog being raped by the chimpanzee: sends link

Target: Dude WTF?

Chaslie: Oh shit sorry wrong link, here's the correct one: sends different link

Target: For fuck sake man, what's with the Phil Collins love fest.

Chasllie: Bitch you just got Phil Rolled.
by I'm in your ASSSSSSSSSS November 07, 2010

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