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Pretty much the best movie of... ever.. and everness. It's sweet. The main characters are a wanna-be pagent queen 10-yr-old, a druggie grandpa, an overachieving father, a somewhat normal mother, and a emo teenager son who is taking a vow of silence. RATED R, because of drug reference and language. It's still the BEST movie in the world. It's siq.
Dude MAN Dude, Little Miss Sunshine is rad. It's CrazyInsane good.
by I'm in love with a stripper February 25, 2007
school for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders go. all the other entries are just written by emos and cutters who haveno friends and hate life, so they take out their emotions by saying how middle school sucks on the internet, how sad. Middle school can actually be fun, so if your emo, go cut yourself some more.
In seventh grade, i went to middle school
by I'm in love with a stripper February 25, 2007

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