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A republican is a hard working American person who does not want to see their tax dollars go to the poor. They think that momney should be worked for and that the government should not give to the poor who are obviously poor for a reason (Unless stated otherwise) We republicans give you bastards a fair chance and you blow it all up in our face. Someone who believes the Freedom is not free. We also believe the everyone has a right to life, and it's your damn fault if your 15 year old kid got pregnat from her 21 year old boy-friend. We also believe the human life is created the second that conception takes place and that stem-cell research is an abomination.

"The Lord givith and the Lord takith" No one else has the right to step in for him and say what they think should happen with an unborn life.

WE also want to see this country run under s strong hand because people are naturaly evil and need to be watched and regulated
"Anyone who thinks we are over in Iraq for Oil is fucking Retarded. To fight against having our troops in Iraq is like spitting on the graves of all those who died in 9/11.

You're not God, so you can't take away life.

You fucking democrats think Clintin was SOOOOOOOOO great; name five things he did to better this country in his term!

Mark Levin on 10.77 AM radio is the smartest republican around!
by I'm NOT SHORT July 03, 2006
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