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Lesbian Threesome - Three females eating out eachother and shoving dildos up each others pussies until an orgasm.

I came home from work to find my girlfriend lay on my bed wearing a small thong & a lacy bra. She stood up, & began kissing my neck, & unbuttoning my blouse. We fell backwards onto my bed, revealing my huge DD boobs. She kissed my stomach, while unzipping my skirt to see my soaking wet panties. She sexily undid my bra with her teeth & reached her hand slowly down my panties. I kissed her neck & then her tits. I ripped off her bra, & massaged her massive boobs. I reached for her ass & ripped off her tight wet thong. While her fingers firmly rubbed my clit, I lay on my back & she seductively spread my legs. She bent down & slowly swirled her tongue around my soaking wet pussy, kissing my clit. I moaned as she started to push her tongue into my pussy hole until I could feel the orgasm coming. I screamed with pleasure, she licked all my cum off then she stood over me. I grabbed her & pulled her on top of me, kissing every inch of her body, rubbing my own naked self onto hers so fiercely our tits begin to wobble; I bring out a 15" black cock from under my bed, & open her legs. She grins & starts to scream when I ram it into her wet pussy hole. I jammed the vibrating cock, harder and faster into her. She grabbed onto me, screaming with pleasure until she was cumming all over my hands & the shaking cock.
I fiercely rolled her over, & sat on her, kissing her neck as she reached for the dildo, pushing my legs apart. She pumped it in me, while I lapped up every sweet second, every hard thrust made me moan a little louder until I was screaming and cummin all over the cock - She started to lick off all the cum. It was so hot I couldn't help myself from pulling her onto me & taking her to the balcony. We could hear wolf whistles from the building across the street, so we cheekily decided to grind up against the cold metal bars. I heard the door..then a hot blonde woman wearing a tight red dress stood next to us, licking her lips. She said 'You both looked so hot, I just had to join you' We angrily ripped off her dress as she licked my neck ravenously, and threw me down onto the matt. As I lay there, I saw her huge FF boobs fall out of her bra & I watched Katy rip of her dripping thong. The hot blonde seductively put on a huge strap-on, & sat on me. She pumping in and out of me. I moaned with intense pleasure. I screamed as I started to cum over the balcony. Rubbing our body against one another we all licked& kissed whatever we could find. Best Lesbian Three-Some ever...
by I'll get you hot December 27, 2010

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