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A temporary color spray. Jerome Russell makes some good ones. They can be found at Walgreens Pharmacy. But be careful on what your spraying it on, it can get on your clothes, brush, backpack. Anything. Don't touch your hair when you spray it because it'll get on your hands. It's a bitch to clean up. They come in colors like pink, green, blond, white, red, pink, purple, blue, and orange. They'll look sexy on anyone! Even if you think you are ugly.
Today, I used Jerome Russell color spray. It was red and he told me I looked cute.
by I<3Sgt.Frog September 12, 2010
A really good Seinen anime by Natsume Ono. The animation is really unique and is very detailed. It's really beautiful. There's a tiny bit of blood, but it's not gruesome. There isn't any nudity either. There are twelve episodes and eight manga books. They have all of the episodes on Hulu. It's a story about Akitsu Masanosuke, a shy and nervous, yet skilled extremely Samurai. He often gets fired from his jobs, and so Masa tries looking for a new job. He passes by Yaichi, the leader of a group calling itself "The Five Leaves". Yaichi meets Masa, so he hires him as a bodyguard. The group kidnaps business' heirs and make them pay ransom money. That's where Masa meets Otake, Umenzou, and Matsukichi, three more members of the group. With difficulties, Akitsu eventually becomes part of the The Five Leaves.
Even though I'm a girl, I thought House of Five Leaves was nice.
by I<3Sgt.Frog November 17, 2010
A fun game you play in middle school and high school. You ask your friends to help you find a perfect butt during passing period. You point out butts until your friend says it's nice or something. You just look for a perfect one for your taste.
Austin: Let's go butt hunting!
Me: Okay, shoot.
Austin: Okay how about that butt?
Me: Nah, it's to wide.
Austin: How about the other one?
Me: Nah, it's too old.
Austin: How about the one on the left?
Nah, it's too saggy.
Austin: How about that one?
by I<3Sgt.Frog October 12, 2010

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