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A person who searches somebody on YouTube / MySpace / FaceBook / Urbandictionary ... for the sole purpose of slamming on them . Like , seriously , get a life . A LOT of people slam on Justin Bieber (for example) , George Bush the band BoTdF - ( Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Vonn Monroe ) The people who "hate" on the the celebrities are usually just jealous , and have no real reason not to like that specific person . A common one is "Justin Bieber sings like a girl... he's such a faggot." Like , fuck guys ... thats not even a valid reason to say that he would be a homosexual ... (Click on the tags to see some PRIME examples of haters)
Scene Girl 1: OMG! Did you hear Blood On The Dance Floors new sinqle .?! Its so fqkn amazinqq !

Scene Girl 2: Oh Em Geee - Hellz Yeah !!! I luhhf BoTdF . They make my Lifee !

Hater who overheard: Blood on the dancefloor are faggots because girls like them, and they sing about having sex with girls, so they are OBVIOUSLY gay... stupid scenies.

Me: Go to hell, you stupid fucking hater - listen to what you just said... suck a dick .
by I<3DahvieVanity February 14, 2011
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