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(adj.) convoluted, full of internal links

also: double backflip pirouette into a triple lux quadruple cartwheel somersault
"My aunt's college roomate's cousin was in town and I had to take her to the store to get a frozen puff pastry so she could make baklava for my sister's dog's former owner, who was coming over for dinner, but on the way I was stopped by the police for speeding and my liscense expired yesterday because I didn't get a ten-year renewal - only four-year - but I still could have made it if it weren't for the traffic lights being out at 4th and Montgomery, which had a long wait plus I have bad tires so I couldn't drive too fast, so that's why I was 15 minutes late."
"That is the most fucking double-backflip explanation I ever heard in my goddamned life."
by I/L December 29, 2004

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