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1. Acronym for "I less than three you." The less than sign and a 3 make a heart shaped symbol (<3) that can be used in place of the word "love".

2. I love you.
Alright, I'm gunna log off for the night.

by Hypnotized Moon September 09, 2008
1. A word used to define an object of which have no idea what the name is. A common substitute for a noun when speaking Spanish in order to get around having to remember it. The same can be done by spanish speakers when speaking English.

2. Spanglish for "thing".
Why would the editors of Urban Dictionary approve all the definitions for shitting in a pussy, but not "thingcito?!"

Can you please upload some pictures on my thingcito?

Donde esta mi thingcito?!
by Hypnotized Moon March 04, 2009
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