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*A Muslim man's slave.
*Women who turn a blind eye to present times and foolishly believe they are living in 632 A.D Saudi Arabia.
*A very durable baby-making machine.
*A shameless follower of Islam which treats women in such a demeaning way that it promises 72 hymen-intact pussies to its male followers if they die for religion and asks to cover themselves up to prevent men from raping them. (Do you get long-fat cocks if YOU die for Islam?)
Islam says : Burka is not meant to oppress a woman but it is meant to protect and distinguish her.

Normal person : Protection from sun rays? Distinguish!! < lol

Islam says ; A muslimah never looks like a whore or a prostitute, because she is covering what ought to be private.

Normal person : So a burka is only to distinguish prostitutes from non-prostitutes
by Hymen-Intact September 20, 2009

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