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3 definitions by HyPyke

The approximately 20 min period between "I LOVE Taco Bell. This food ROCKS!" and "I swear to GOD I will never eat that nasty junk again."

The down slope of the curve coincides directly with a case of the taco shits.
"I am on the downside of the worst Taco Bell Curve ever so I can't go with you today."
by HyPyke November 29, 2009
A doomed or laughable corporate project/idea/presentation that was conceived and designed by management pinheads along with sales and marketing douchebags.

So named because it embodies a thick layer of management B.S. spread on to a generous slice of sales and marketing fail.
This powerpoint that Jason sent out is the greatest example of Corporate Toast I have ever seen. I can't wait until the project chokes on it and finally dies.
by HyPyke November 29, 2009
When an upskirt photo promising a clear view of genitals is too out of focus or low resolution to clearly make out the young woman's "Clam"
The Miley Cyrus uskirt pic was anti-clamatic.
by HyPyke June 16, 2010