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13 definitions by HuskyMiller

To have someone obey or perform on command as if they were a well-trained dog.
WHITNEY: You see how that girl just dog-whispered her boy friend? She told him to stop talking, and he just sat down and shut the fuck up! That’s how I want you to act.
BOBBY: Yeah bitch you wish! Now YOU shut the fuck up!
by HuskyMiller January 13, 2007
A person that posts racist comments on the internet. Includes any individual or entity that disseminates, reinforces or perpetuates messages of racial hate via the web. Also see e-racist and e-racism.
I can always count on the e-bigots to come out of the wood work and post fucked-up racist comments on the web every time a black person is voted off a reality show.

Example #2: I was not at all surprised by all the e-bigots that posted comments on Youtube agreeing with Michael Richards rant.
by HuskyMiller January 11, 2007
Take the premise of the movie Ground Hog Day and combine it with the action of FOX's 24 and there you have it! The Best damn idea for a new show ABC has had since Lost. Day Break is a season long TV serial that tells the story of a cop who has been framed for murder and must solve the case while reliving the same day over and over again. (Obvious rip-off of the movie Ground Hog Day, but a great idea none the less). Stars Taye Diggs (a Negro in the lead role -- who'd of thunk it!), and some hot babe named Moon Bloodgood as his girlfriend, that he gets to bang over, and over, and over again. Which is about the only good thing that happens to him during his never-ending day.
Day Break is a much better show than that bullshit Desperate Housewives.
by HuskyMiller December 21, 2006
To get or to be extremely drunk.
Cat #1: Did you get everything?
Cat #2: Yeah, I got two cases of Heinekin, six bottles of wine and four liters of tequila. We 'bout to get vooshed!

Dude, I was so vooshed when I left the party last night I woke-up this afternoon with vomit in my coat pocket.
by HuskyMiller April 06, 2008
A metaphor that identifies the exact moment a TV show has reached its creative peak. Or to put it bluntly, it’s the beginning of the end of a once great show. The moment in which it becomes clear the writers are out of good ideas and the show has begun its decent downhill. It’s usually some ridiculous stunt, story line, major character change, or huge fundamental shift in the premise of the show that is viewed as nothing more than a desperate attempt to raise viewership and declining ratings. The phrase refers to an episode of the popular 1970’s sitcom Happy Days, in which one of the main characters is water skiing (while wearing his trademark leather motorcycle jacket mind you), and literally jumps over a shark.
As far as I’m concerned, America’s Next Top Model jumped the shark when Tyra chose that air-headed idiot Nicole as the winner, instead the much more talented and deserving Nik.
by HuskyMiller December 16, 2006
Unattractive jacked-up toes on ones feet. ie, corns, hang nails, rusty, crooked, crusty, ugly, deformed, missing, funky or stankin' toes, or some other type of negative toe issue.
Yeah, baby was fine and all, but when she asked me to suck them fucked-up fritos -- I had to get up outta there!
by HuskyMiller November 26, 2006