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In continuation of the slang term mud, which means to do something in an uncoordinated matter (usu. in regards to athletics), the 'sausage' addendum designates the utmost degree (i.e. the nth degree) of uncoordination, ineptitude, 'sorriness', and any and all such definitive synonyms.
1) Suppose a group of people were playing basketball. Suppose further that someone went for a lay-up, nobody guarded him, and he completely missed it (no net, backboard, or anything!). Then, someone can say about that person, "Man, he mud sausage."

2)Suppose a gathering of friends are playing Mario Kart. Suppose further that one of them--let's call him Eric--slips on a giant banana laid by Carlos, a skilled player. Then another of the throng--let's say, either Kevin or Matt--can then say, "Man cuh, you mud sausage."
by Hungry Man XXL October 09, 2005

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