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1)A tropical fruit drink with lots o' alcohol that tastes like peaches
2)Joseph Terwilliger's belly-button.
We're going to need a crane--Joe's got a tuba stuck in his fuzzy navel.
by Hung Lo May 01, 2003
1)Any person or group of persons interfering with an attempt someone is making to have sex with someone else.
2)The City of Pittsburgh.
3)That twitchy guy who just ruined the mood.
Joe, John, and Harold tried to cock block Steve, but it didn't work.
by Hung Lo May 01, 2003
when bitches be like jumping from man to man at the same time
nikki be nematoding. john: thirsty, thirsty, thirsty. john is she still doing it. john: still thirsty still thirsty
by hung lo December 08, 2013
1. The most famous way that celebrities used to get creamed on Rowan's & Martin's Laugh-In.
2. A really stupid thing to say (especially when Richard Nixon says it).
3. When Joe gets into a street fight with his trombone.
Terwilliger kicked some brass into the next zip code.
by Hung Lo August 04, 2003
The size of an extremely long, steroid enhanced penis. Caution, may enter the Fallopian Tube.
Twenty Four inches of pain, biznatch!
by Hung Lo February 05, 2005
The best damn mother-fucking colour in the world!
Why is pink considered non-masculine? Anyone who doesn't like pink is a Justin Timberlake fraggot.
by Hung Lo February 05, 2005
Cracker ass mother fucker that doesn't know I'm insulting his stupid ass.
Hey! Round eye, not in the brown eye!!!
by Hung Lo September 03, 2003

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