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A puppet picked by the Global Elite to fastened the process of globalization. He is on the Council of Foreign Relations which advocates world government throught its think tank. It published Foreign Affairs magazine. He is not the "Radical Ismalist anti-christ" that ignorant right-wingers claim and is definately not the "most radical democrat" that will end the Iraq occupation. He is but another pawn in place to perpetuate the right and left mirage in US domestic politics. His foreign policy is just as aggressive and detrimental as any other puppets.

Ignorant people will vote for him because his empty rhetorical speeches promise change ( while he lives his life by the status quo) that he will never institute. He is an uncle tom in every sense. Any black man voting for him should follow him closely before selling out.

Any white racist who doesn't vote for him, does the right thing for the wrong reason. Race is irrelevant. The poor are inflicted with the plaque of imposed divide and conquer strategy imposed by the extremely wealthy.

Let's keep living in projects and trailer parks and fighting each other while these assholes get stronger, it's ok, your god forgives you, o and he also justifies anything done for evil in his(or her or whatever) name!
When he takes office, Barack Obama will continue the exact foreign policy of previous puppet presidents which used IMF, WB, and other supra-national institutions to impose economic colonialism and detrimental poicies on "developing" nation-states.
by Humanitarian Rebel July 22, 2008

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