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Verb, derived from pork, means "to get up on" or fuck. Refers to a rebel fighter, Red 6 (Jek Porkins) in the original Star Wars. His final words "I'm alright" as he is getting blown up perfectly capture the willingness to put yourself in harms way to get a piece of that ass. Also, his physiology is that of swine, which reinforces his name and this fine word we are defining now.
Oooohhh, sweetback! I'd be spacin' gs if I could porkinz up on the fine biznitch.
by Hugo Apex June 22, 2004
To be completely satisfied with one's present status in one's personal or sexual life
I be spacin' gs up in my biznitch's cut even though she's ass ain't be phat.
by Hugo Apex June 22, 2004
1. To call someone out; to aggressively dictate the momentum of a conversation or interaction
2. To fuck a physically attractive female human (synonym: porkinz)
1. Sorry, Sweetback, but I'm gonna have to pull rank on you, your explanation of black matter is unsound.

2. Check out that biznitch! Ooooh, I'd be spacin' gs if i could pull rank on dat ass!
by Hugo Apex June 23, 2004
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