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When a trailer misrepresents the movie it advertises. When you view the actual movie, you see the trailer has nothing to do with the narrative, characters or plot. You are a victim of trailer fraud.
#1 : "Boy that film sucked !"
#2 " Yeah, wtf did we just watch ?"
#1 : "Dunno, the trailer looked good."
Both : "Trailer Fraud !"
by HudsonDuster November 22, 2009
A surefire way to master dancing.
One-Step, Two-Step, Hit By A Train

A : "I can't get the moves in this new dance !"
B : "All you have to do is think one-step, then two-step, then act as if you've been hit by a train !"
A : "I 've got it now !"
by HudsonDuster December 27, 2009

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